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BThingz is a simple directory site that makes it easier for people to get access to local businesses’ that want to make a difference. Get your business noticed and heard ASAP with the help of a progressive and engaging business expansion experience. Remove the challenges of being spotted amongst the competition thanks to this excellent business spotlight, with thousands of happy customers and users.

Professional Business Website

Type: Bareco was a project that required us to take on a significant amount of change, building a WordPress page from scratch.

Challenge: The main challenge was to try and portray the right image for this company, who provided various services involving infrastructure and electricity. The challenge was to create a website that accurately portrayed these features in a fair manner.

Solution: We created an accurate and honest website page that managed to showcase their business partners and projects all into one easy to use, read and share portfolio process.

Who we are?

Having operated for over two years now as a premium service provider and organizer in India, Imirisoft has gained a reputation for seeing through projects that others simply deem to be too challenging. We look at completing projects as an exciting development process, meaning that we properly organize and account for the masses of time that we might need to put into our overall development.This allows our clients to know they are working with a team who know what they are doing, and can make sure that projects both domestic and abroad can be seen to in good time.

As a business that understands our clients need help and flexibility due to variance in everything from budgets to mentality, we charge fair and accurate pricing. Our prices can range from $500 to $5,000, making it easy to find something affordable that lets your progress take place so accurately.

All solutions come from using the best technologies and the finest selection of teammates to work together. We pride ourselves on having a team who know how to work as a team as well as utilize the finest hardware and technology for the finest, most consistent results we can.

Why imirisoft?

You might be unsure of why you might wish to choose ImiriSoft as your go-to for improving solutions and taking projects further. To help you understand why so many people decide to come to us, we’ve broken down a list of why coming to see us and work with our team might be the best thing for you.

  1. We work on complex subjects that otherwise would not be worth investing such effort and challenge into. We work on complex subjects, but we make sure that the end result and the quality will be made much easier to handle in general.
  2. Our team is complete with a technical expertise and a group who can work within the constraints of being a team. This allows everyone to understand the requirements both technically and as a layman, creating a much easier atmosphere to work within.
  3. Regular updates are provided by our team, making sure that you never find yourself let in the dark or unsure of the next step to take. This makes it easier for us to get a solution that fits with the narrative you have, whilst staying on track and up-to-date.
  4. We provide free and clear support for certain stages, even once the project goes live, meaning you never feel unsure about what that crucial next step may have been.

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